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Customer-specific servicesProduct Development & Production Services

Product Development
Our customers sometimes need a unique laminate or coated product to meet a specific need, but they are unsure of how to develop such a product and bring it quickly into production. In such cases, they find that the equipment and the knowledgeable people required to make this happen are already in place at Dorrie. Dorrie's product development staff is happy to work with any customer to bring their initial concept from the conference room to the lab and then from prototype to production, all in a timely manner.

Dorrie's Development Team
Our chemists and technicians, as well as quality assurance and materials procurement personnel, all become involved in either finding appropriate materials that already exist or developing completely new ones if the application so requires.

Lab and Production Equipment
Both raw and finished materials are physically analyzed using advanced lab equipment. FTIR analysis is utilized to evaluate adhesives and coatings both qualitatively and quantitatively. Depending on the application, evaluation of the material is performed either immediately or after it is exposed to our environmental conditioning process. We are willing to make processing equipment modifications, should the need arise during the evolution of the new product. Then, with continuous customer input, our experienced production technicians and our state-of-the art control systems combine to ensure a quick product scale up.

Customized Manufacturing Services

Contract Manufacturing
Customers are encouraged to investigate how Dorrie's facilities can be utilized to meet their specific manufacturing requirements. Taking advantage of Dorrie's capabilities enable the customer to be more focused on other aspects of their business while they rely on our production and quality assurance departments to supply the coated and laminated products that meet the demands of their application.

Toll Manufacturing
Two types of toll manufacturing are available at Dorrie:
• Traditional tolling, in which the customer supplies all of the raw materials while Dorrie provides the development expertise and manufacturing facilities
• Modified tolling, where Dorrie also supplies some of the raw materials

For information on our equipment, click here. For more information, please contact Dorrie's technical sales department at 203-846-2087.

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