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Dorrie International manufactures innovative engineered materials that seal windows and doors and enhance the appearance of vehicles worldwide. From FlockTape™ to color-matched laminates, Dorrie offers a wide range of coated and laminated products that give today's automotive engineers and designers limitless options for sealing and decorating cars.

Dorrie uses only high-quality materials to produce flock tape that bonds to TPEs, EPDM rubber and PVC. We also produce interior decorative trim by mating color-matched DF film and other non-PVC products and decorative fabrics to PVC and our EPDM rubber-adherable film. These innovative trims combine the functionality of rubber with endless interior styling possibilities. Dorrie also provides NVH sound-deadening materials.

Fabric construction for sunroof seals NVH Tape reduces or eliminates noise & squeak problems Embossed materials for door seals
Chrome-like materials for fascia inserts FlockTape for door belt moldings and glass channels Chrome-like and colored materials for body side moldings

Automotive Sealing Systems
Automotive seals have traditionally been fabricated from black EPDM rubber. Functional, but not very exciting. Dorrie now offers a variety of imaginative alternatives.

  Automotive Exterior Decorative Trim
Dorrie International has been an industry leader in producing decorative trim for more than 40 years. Dorrie pioneered vacuum-deposited metals to give the "chrome look" to automotive trim.
Interior Decorative Trim
Dorrie DF™ Embossed Decorative Film
EPDM Bondable Fabric
NVH Squeak Tape
NEW CR Chrome
Metallized Brightwork
Color-Matched Laminates
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