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NVH Squeak Tape
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From the H2 Hummer to the X-Type Jagura, Dorrie's NVH Tape helps assure a quiet ride.

Dorrie's Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Tape is a Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) backed flocked fabric material designed to reduce or eliminate noise and squeak problems from the interior of cars.

OEM Specifications:
• General Motors — GM6420M
• Ford — ESB-M6G17-A

• Chrysler — DCX Spec. MS-JZ8-22

NVH Squeak Tape ships standard on a spool and is also available in precut, ready-to-apply pieces. In addition to our standard NVH product, we also offer a weatherable version for exterior applications.

If you're looking for...
Squeak tape
Pressure-sensitive anti-squeak fabric
Pressure-sensitive antisqueak flocked fabric
Anti-itch fiber tape
Anti-squeak flocked fabric tape, with or without Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Flocked fiber cloth with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Anti-squeak fiber tape
Anti-itch flocked fabric
Anti-itch flocked tape
Anti-rattle fiber tape
Sound abatement tape
Sound abatement fabric
Sound dampening tape
Sound dampening fabric
Flocked fabric sound abatement tape
Materials for sound abatement for: rubbing, chaffing, itching, chattering, rattling or squeaking noise.
Noise and vibration control tape
Noise and vibration control fabric
Noise, Vibration and Hardness (NVH) fabric/tape
Noise buffering fabric
Noise buffering tape
Flock-covered tape
Flock-covered fabric
Dorrie's NVH Tape is the solution!
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