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Coating and laminating Faustel reverse-roll coater
Two 60" (1524mm) Gravure Coating and Laminating Machines 
Designed and built by Dorrie International
Produce a metallized polyester/PVC laminate that meets the rigid automotive specifications required for exterior use on cars and trucks
Have been modified to handle all different types of plastic films other than PVC
Specially-built 60" (1524mm) Gravure Coating Machine
Used for applying thin solvent- or water-based coatings on various plastic films
Faustel reverse-roll coater
VERSATILE 60" (1524mm) Multipurpose Coating and Laminating Machine
Equipped to do either gravure or reverse roll coating
Can apply either solvent- or water-based coatings or adhesives as thick as .003" (.076mm)
Located in a dedicated, air-conditioned room that is free of any foreign particles larger than 5 microns
Slitting Dusenbery slitter
60" (1524mm) Slitting Machine 
Designed with shear slitting capabilities
Handles laminated materials as thin as .001" (.025mm) or as thick as .030" (.762mm)
Maintains slitting tolerances of ±.002" (.0508mm)
47" (114mm) Slitter 
Equipped with shear slitting capabilities
Specifically designed to slit material widths between .400" (10.16mm) and 1.00" (25.4mm)
Cutting blades ensure the smoothest slit edges available in the industry
Dusenbery slitter
Two 18" (457.2mm) Shear Slitters 
Can slit widths of .197" (5.00mm) to 1.00" (25.4mm)
Hold tolerances to ±.002" (.0508mm)
Additional Capabilities Flock spools
Slitting and traverse winding of up to 4,000 yards (1219m) of very narrow slit material onto a single spool 
Designing and building of special equipment for large volumes of a specific product 
Flock spools
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