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Dorrie DF -- Embossed Decorative Film
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Dorrie Embossed Decorative Film
Dorrie DF Film Data Sheet (PDF, 224k)

The Next Generation of Embossed Decorative Film

Dorrie International's DF urethane-based textured decorative film is designed to be used in place of embossed vinyl tape and other methods for decorating extruded EPDM. This environmentally friendly product contains no PVC and eliminates the need to color match in-house or to store additional adhesives or resins. Expenditures are reduced and cost savings are increased because no secondary processes are needed, and there is less waste during startup and color changeovers.

Dorrie DF Advantages:
Tough and durable
Stain-resistant and impervious to common process oils
Easy application (thermally bonds to a hot extrusion)
Color changeovers are fast and easy – just switch rolls
Permanent embossing – heat stable, maintains embossed texture
Color stable with excellent weatherability – suitable for interior or exterior use
Dorrie DF can be used in inner car door seals Suggested Applications:
Inner door seals
Door belt moldings
Other exterior and interior trim
In-mold decoration

Dorrie DF Choices:
A simulated leather texture is standard, but other textures (even a smooth finish) are available
Custom gloss levels (including high-gloss black) are also optional
Offered in custom colors
Available in a choice of polymeric backings, suitable for bonding to TPOs, TPVs, EPDM, ABS and Polycarbonate
Furnished as ready-to-use sheets or custom-slit tape on rolls


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