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CR Chrome
CR Chrome Data Sheet (PDF, 36k)

Dorrie International's CR Chrome is a stand-alone, weather-protected chrome decorative material with a ten-year life cycle. Incorporating real chrome and a clear, nonyellowing protective film, it is ideal for exterior automotive applications such as fascia inserts and body side molding, and is also used for in-mold decoration. Versatile and light in weight, CR Chrome can be made to bond to a wide range of substrates, including polypropylene, TPOs, TPEs, ABS, PVC, and EPDM rubber.

With CR Chrome, Dorrie has eliminated the need for a clear overlay to avoid corrosion. This product will not corrode even if penetrated, and it does not require edge protection of any kind to prevent separation. Because it does not need encapsulation, it saves users the expense of an extra extruder. Equally significant is the elimination of the hazards associated with the materials required for end-dipping.

CR Chrome is already in use on vehicles such as the Isuzu Axiom, the GMC Envoy (side cladding show at left) and the Mercury Villager.
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