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Company History Brightwork
The company now known as Dorrie International had its beginnings in 1936 when its parent company, Hicks & Otis Prints, was organized by Fred Hicks and Sam Otis. These two artists sought a means to commercialize their work on a larger scale and started screen-printing designs on vinyl. Brightwork
Dorrie International is an ISO 9001 Registered Firm

Hicks & Otis evolved into a coating and laminating company, primarily working with vinyls and fabrics until the 1950s, when it started laminating a new product known as metallized Mylar® to vinyl. This laminated product found its way into the automotive industry; and, by the late 1950s, the mainstay of the company's business was as a tier-II supplier of decorative trim laminates for the automotive industry.

Today, as Dorrie International, the company continues to be a worldwide leader in supplying various laminations and coatings for use as interior and exterior automotive trim. Diversification and cutting-edge coating and laminating technology have allowed Dorrie to expand into many other product lines and markets.

Mylar® is a registered trademark of Dupont

Company Philosophy Inspecting Brightwork

Quality assurance is at the heart of our manufacturing philosophy. The efforts of all departments are coordinated in our continuous improvement program. Every department is part of a team working to make sure that our customers receive the highest quality products, while costs are held to a minimum.

Inspecting Brightwork
Xenon Arc Weather-O-Meter
Accelerated aging tests take place in the Xenon Arc Weather-O-Meter.

Our fully-staffed quality lab performs extensive testing of all materials and products to ensure that reliability and durability requirements are consistently met. Then, statistical methods are used to control and monitor both process run conditions and critical characteristics of the manufactured product.

Since product development is the lifeblood of our continued growth, we have a well-equipped product development lab. Here, current products are continually upgraded and new and even better ones are conceived.

Product development lab
Research in the product development lab is the lifeblood of Dorrie International's ongoing growth.

We at Dorrie International seriously accept our responsibility to the environment. First of all, we minimize our waste by operating our facilities as efficiently as possible. In addition, we follow all regulations governing the disposal of liquid and solid hazardous waste and meet all regulations designed to prevent water pollution. With our catalytic incinerator, we also completely meet all federal and state air pollution regulations.

Corporate Headquarters

Dorrie International serves customers worldwide from our corporate headquarters and manufacturing service center in Norwalk, Connecticut (U.S.A.). This 43,000 square foot facility houses Dorrie's state-of-the-art coating, laminating and slitting equipment, as well as our quality and product development labs.


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